Penryn councillors have responded to Cornwall Council’s open space study with a series of recommendations for extending and improving the town’s amenities.

Three councillors, David Garwood, Gill Grant and Mark Snowdon, presented their responses to the town clerk, and they were supported by the full council at a meeting on February 3.

The three councillors said there were three types of open space which should be considered a priority: parks and amenities, natural spaces, and allotments, and agreed that there should be “an emphasis on creating new strategic open space within the proposed urban extensions” of the town.

Two of the councillors said Glasney Field would be the most appropriate site to create and enhance facilities for children, while the third said investment in existing facilities would suffice, and they all believed that Glasney Field, Trelawney Park and Permarin Park should be prioritised for additional investment.

All three identified College Valley and Glasney Valley as an area of natural space that was not currently identified as such by the council.