Fundraising for Porthleven’s fishermen has been given a boost thanks to a £1,000 grant from the town council.

Members agreed the donation last week, following a request from Porthleven Fishermen’s Association.

The association has launched an appeal for funds, to help reimburse the port’s fishermen who have been left out of pocket as a result of the recent storms.

Not only have they been unable to go to sea for weeks, but they were forced to pay for cranes with their own money to pull their boats from the harbour, after the sea defences were washed away.

They also lost hundreds of pounds worth of equipment, including nets and buoys.

The association said in its letter to the council: “We are very grateful and appreciative of the fundraising efforts of the local community. We find it heartening.”

Councillor Julia Schofield found universal agreement to her suggestion that the council give “a generous amount” and proposed £1,000.

Although this took the council over its grant budget for the year, members were told the money could be found from other budgets due to it being an exceptional circumstance.

Councillor Andy Wallis, who is also giving money from his Cornwall Council budget, said: “I think this is a unique one. I actually think £1,000 is justifiable. The harbour is intrinsic to the community. People come to see boats; people make a living out of it.”

He believed that with no boats currently in the harbour it looked “eerie.”

Mr Wallis added that the association and fishermen also hoped to make improvements to the harbour by adding metal chains, to secure the boats.