Helston based ShelterBox is responding to flooding in Zimbabwe’s Masvingo province after 2,000 families were forced out of their homes by rising water.

The families had been living along the river basin near the partially constructed Tokwe Murkosi dam. Incessant rains, rare during this time of year, created fears that the dam was going to overflow. Instead, the river has caused severe flooding that has damaged thousands of homes positioned along it.

ShelterBox response team volunteer Phil Wheeler lives in Harare, around 400 km from the affected area.

‘The government has declared a state of disaster and thousands of families are currently being evacuated from their flooded homes,’ said Phil.

‘We’re working with the International Organization for Migraiton (IOM), who is leading the response in the areas of emergency shelter, mobile health services and other vital aid, in partnership with relevant government departments.

Whilst ShelterBox will be carrying out needs assessments with partners, it has been estimates that a further 60,000 people downstream from the disaster area are reported to be at risk of flooding if the rain persists.