A “staggering” amount of people spent Sunday morning clearing Porthleven Harbour of debris left by the recent storms.

At least 100 people took part in the clean up, which spread over four hours. So many people turned up in the harbour that some turned their attentions to cleaning the quay as well.

Alan Richards, secretary of Porthleven Fishermen’s Association, described the response as “very heartening,” adding: “The turnout from the community regarding our damage, help with the fundraisers and clean up of the harbour has been quite staggering.

“You think these days that community spirit is lost, but when something like that happens it certainly isn’t. It was just a tremendous effort all round.”

Not only did people don wellies and waterproofs to pick up broken bits of boat, crab pots and other storm debris, but others took around bacon sandwiches and drinks to keep volunteers going.

“To be quite honest we’ve been overwhelmed with people’s support ever since we were hit badly with the storm. People helped get the boats out the harbour that have got nothing to do with the harbour. We can’t thank people enough,” added Mr Richards.

Nets and rope swept to the bottom of the harbour by the giant waves was also recovered, thanks to a dumper truck provided by the Porthleven Harbour and Dock Company.

“They have been exemplary,” said Mr Richards. “They have worked tirelessly to help get the harbour back in order.” He gave a special mention to harbour master Phil Ward, who he said had gone “above and beyond the call of duty” ever since the storm two weeks ago.

“You can’t have asked for a better harbour master on the day, when things go wrong,” he said.

He also singled out Atlantic Inn for thanks over their fundraising efforts, adding that “without that support we would have struggled.”

A TV camera crew from Al Jazeera America were even there filming the clean up, as part of a documentary being made on the storms.

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