A sawmill in Mabe has done its bit to help protect the boats of Porthleven fishermen after stormy seas damaged the harbour’s defences.

Jo Sawmills at Antron Quarry sourced and cut new timbers, known as balks, to block the harbour entrance during rough seas, after recent exceptional weather destroyed the old ones or washed them away.

Jo Burbridge, who owns the sawmill, said: “I heard about what had happened at Porthleven and spoke to the harbour master to see if I could help. He was able to source some Douglas fir from Looe from which to cut the six balks, which each measure ten metres and weigh about a tonne. The balks were delivered on Monday.

Jo added: “They’re good quality wood. They have to be for the job they’re doing.

“It’s used in construction and boat building and very reliable. The only way to get better would be to ship it from Canada.”

Phil Ward, the harbour master at Porthleven, said: “We talked to three companies and Jo had the shortest delivery time. We needed them as soon as possible.

“We’ve started machining them and the first two should be ready by the end of the week. We need to wait for the steel shoes to be fitted to the new balks and to the ones that were twisted in the storm.”