Cornwall Air Ambulance is asking people to get involved and sign up as volunteers at the charity.

The charity's 'Volunteer Week' started on Monday, February 24 and this year aims to encourage new members to sign up by showcasing the work that the air ambulance volunteers do.

Volunteer co-ordinator, Jackie Eastwood said: “We couldn’t survive without our volunteers. They are such a vital part of our operation that we started calling them the Groundcrew in the office.

“The volunteers liked it so much, they even asked for T-shirts with it on so we have decided that should be their official name.”

Groundcrew now get involved in all aspects of the air ambulance, except actually repairing the helicopter and flying missions.

From helping out at the charity’s airbase HQ to stewarding at events and being part of the retail team, the charity supports their development through training and mentoring, just like any nurturing company.

“2014 is a very exciting year for the charity.” Added Jackie “We will soon be operating two helicopters and with the prospect of extending our hours of coverage to fly missions in the hours of darkness, our Groundcrew have never been so important.

“We are looking to recruit 100 new volunteers in 2014 to help the air ambulance with it’s key purpose, saving time, saving lives.”

Jo Hulands who works as an accounts assistant by day, lends a hand with the charity after it saved her dad’s life: “Obviously I have a personal reason for being involved with the charity.

“But my experience as part of the groundcrew is very much a two way relationship. I donate my time, but I also get back from the experience.

“I am constantly learning new skills and meeting new people and that really helps me in my professional life.”

Anyone interested in becoming part of the groundcrew should call Jackie on 01637 889926 or visit the website