Volunteers at King Charles the Martyr church in Falmouth have completed a thorough survey of the church’s artistic heritage, which will become part of a national record.

The recorders took three years to compile a three volume document including every artefact belonging to the church, copies of which will be sent to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, English Heritage, the county records office in Truro, and the council for the Care of Churches, with one presented to the church for its own records.

Effie Harvie, who led the group, said: “It records the memorials, stonework, silver, textiles such as the altar cloth, paintings, windows, library, and miscellaneous items such as the magnificent organ.

“It’s a historical record and needs to be accurate and follow a particular format, so if anyone is looking for windows by William Kemp or William Morris they have it all on the database.”

Picture from JM: Effie Harvie and some of the church recorders present Rev Stephen Tudgey and the churchwarden with three volumes of church records.