It was back to school for more than 120 grandparents when they visited one Helston primary for a day of lessons.

Parc Eglos School invited the adults to spend time with their grandchildren in class, taking part in activities from art to science.

Head teacher Brett Dye said: “It was a wonderful day and it was great to have them in lessons supporting the children with their learning.

“They really enjoyed it and it makes such a difference to the children to have their grandparents with them.”

As well as taking part in lessons the grandparents attended the youngsters’ achievement assembly and enjoyed a school lunch with the children.

Mr Dye added: “In this day of getting parents back to work when the children are aged just two or less, grandparents are becoming the key carers, so we feel that it is important to recognise that, to thank them for their support in educating their grandchildren and to involve them in school life for a special day.”

One set of grandparents came all the way from Rugby in Warwickshire to take part in the back to school event.

They said afterwards: “We travelled 300 miles for Grandparents’ Day as we found it very enjoyable last year and well worth the time spent with our grandson.”

They were not alone in their praise for the day, with Mr J Ralph passing on a message to the school saying: “Yet another wonderful morning. What great organisation.”

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