Plans are in place to turn a former Helston solicitors’ office into a two-bedroom home.

Charlotte Nixon has applied for planning permission to convert Great Office in Cross Street.

It was most recently the Helston base for Vingoe Lloyd solicitors, which has since left the building.

However, in the past the Grade II listed building – which is believed to have been offices or similar since 1788 – has also been a bank, and the strong room remains complete with steel door and working locks.

Writing to support her application, Mrs Nixon said: “We want to see Great Office restored and are prepared to spend the time, effort and money to do so.

“In practical terms its days as a great office are over but it is still a lovely building and could be a beautiful home.”

She and her husband are proposing to live on the first and second floors, leaving the ground floor – which is affected by damp – as a utility room and private art studio.

Mrs Nixon wrote that the outside of the building had begun to deteriorate, particular window and door frames, and “urgent action” was needed “whilst the situation is still recoverable.”

She added: “Internally the building can only be described as a sad mess. The decorative state is deplorable, it is badly executed and neither attractive nor in keeping with the character of the building.”

The couple want to return the original granite floors that had been covered by concrete and remove partition walls.

Mrs Nixon claimed the building was “no longer suitable” as an office due to access, running costs, construction and general layout.

Members of Helston Town Council’s planning committee are due to consider the application tomorrow (Thursday) before a final decision is taken by Cornwall Council.