Work on a major project to improve a section of the A391 from St Austell to the A30 begins this month.

The work includes 1.6km of new road, a new roundabout, alterations to the Scredda roundabout, two new bridges to provide safe walking and cycling links across the A391 to the Clay Trails.

Full details of the scheme is available on Cornwall Council’s website:

The £12.3million project will be delivered by CORMAC Contracting Ltd and is scheduled to take 18 months. Funding for the works includes £5.9million from the European Regional Development Fund and the balance from the Department for Communities and Local Government in support of the St Austell and China Clay Eco-communities.

Tim Wood, Cornwall Council’s assistant head of transportation, said: “The first phase of the work will focus on diverting services and setting up the site compound. The new road will divert the existing A391 so the majority of the construction will take place without disruption to road users and traffic flows will be maintained, especially during the peak summer period. CORMAC will keep local residents fully informed of construction progress.”