The thought-provoking words of a six-year-old girl have prompted Helston Town Council to redouble its efforts in stamping out a “dirty, horrid problem” once and for all.

Amelia Hawke-Treneer wrote to mayor Jonathan Radford-Gaby asking him to “get more people to pick up litter.”

She wrote: “Dear Mr Mayor. Please may you get more people to pick up litter?

“Me and my granddad went to do it and I came back with one whole bag of litter and one bag of recycling, and that was just Clodgey Way lay-by.”

After reading it out to councillors, Mr Radford-Gaby said: “I just hope that goes to shame dirty, thoughtless and anti-social individuals that drop litter in this town.

“I will be personally asking the town warden to redouble his efforts to issue fixed penalty notices. It takes a six-year-old girl to write to us.

“I hope we can get this dirty, horrid problem stamped out once and for all.”

Members agreed with councillor Gillian Geer pointing out that cigarettes were included in this.

“People who smoke and drop cigarettes seem to think that does not include cigarettes. In fact Helston is awash with cigarettes,” she said.

Dog mess was a similar issue, which town warden Craig Bowcutt can also issue an instant fine over. Councillor Ronnie Williams said: “I don’t think this town has been worse – it’s everywhere.”