Accusing him on two separate occasions of having affairs with other women, a Helston woman admitted at Truro’s magistrates’ court that she had assaulted her partner and carer Mark Holden.

Judith Gabrielle Mangham, aged 32, of Langweath Estate, Mawgan, also pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour with intent to cause fear of or provoke unlawful violence towards Zoe Oldfield.

Gail Hawkley, for the CPS, said Mangham suffered with mental health problems.

On November 2 Mr Holden was visiting a woman friend he had known for a number of years when Mangham turned up and accused him of having an affair with the woman. She put her foot in the door to prevent it from being closed against her and began thumping and banging on it. When Ms Oldfield told her to leave, Mangham shouted: “I’ll stab you”.

On January 2, Mr Holden was with defendant at their address when she was drunk and acting up and down in her behaviour. She accused him of having an affair with another woman who had called there, and when he challenged her about it she became aggressive and punched him in the mouth.

Ms Hawkley said she understood the relationship was still ongoing. Mangham had previous convictions.

Paul Wright, a community psychiatric nurse, said Mangham had a long history of serious mental disorder and had been a long time in intensive treatment with the mental health team.

After reading reports on Mangham, the magistrates ordered a conditional discharge for a year and payment of £15 victim surcharge.