A "goose bump inducing" glimpse into Cornish culture has been released by Visit Cornwall in the run up to the St Piran's Day celebrations.

The short film, A Cornish Jukebox, "captures the warmth and emotion characteristic of pubs across Cornwall" as it joins the Cape Cornwall Singers in a traditional pub singing session at The Star in St Just.

Once sung in Cornish mines and to the rhythm of the sea, the songs are now Cornish anthems and provide onlookers with an often spontaneous form of local entertainment.

Described as a symbol of Cornwall’s rich and unique culture, Malcolm Bell, head of Visit Cornwall, said: “Cornwall is spectacularly beautiful and full of charm, however many existing, and more importantly potential new visitors, do not realise the character and warmth of our people and communities.

"A Cornish Jukebox showcases the soul of Cornwall and the spirit of those living on the edge of the ocean at a time when we are celebrating the patron saint of Cornwall, St Piran.”

A Cornish Jukebox was produced by De Facto Films and features ‘Cornwall My Home’ which was especially written for the Cape Cornwall Singers by Harry ‘Safari’ Glasson.

Producer, Emma George, added: "It was important for us to capture the spontaneity of the singing to show that Cornish singers sing for the love of it, they sing for themselves not for an audience - it is just part of Cornish life. Similar scenes take place in pubs all over Cornwall and we wanted to re-create this for A Cornish Jukebox.”

The Cape Cornwall Singers sing My Cornwall My Home.