A full investigation has been launched into "serious" allegations against a former nurse at Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust.

David Paul Fryer, now working for Derbyshire Health United as a clinical shift manager, has catagorically denied the allegations against him.

At a hearing on February 6 a panel made an interim conditions of practice order for 18 months to enable the Nursing and Midwifery Council to conduct a "full and proper investigation".

This was "necessary on the grounds of public protection and is also otherwise in the public interest"

The allegations relate to a period when Mr Fryer was employed as a sexual health nurse at the sexual health hub at the Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust.

The report states that a former patient made allegations to a sexual health counsellor relating to Mr Fryer while a patient at the Trust between December 13,  2011 and April 21, 2012.

Mr Fryer denied the allegations completely, calling the complaints are inconsistent and unbelievable.

He did admit to having an 18 month consensual sexual relationship with the complainant outside the workplace that "began after his clinical relationship with the complainant had finished".

The interim order states that Mr Fryer must confine his nursing practice to Derbyshire Health United as a clinical shift manager and must not undertake any nursing practice which involves being in direct clinical care of individual patients who are physically present.