Helston town centre’s two police community support officers have been promoted – but it is not clear whether they will be replaced.

PCSOs Beth Pascoe and Mark Rogers have been recruited to become fully serving police constables.

However, due to a review currently underway across the whole force a decision has yet to be made over their replacement.

Beth, who is a familiar face in the town having lived there all her life and worked in the role for eight years, will be leaving to begin training at the force headquarters in Exeter on March 20.

Mark, who only joined the team at Helston last June, but also grew up in the town, will then follow on April 9.

Announcing their departure to the town’s councillors last week, Mark said: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support during our working time as PCSOs in the town.”

Beth agreed: “I would like to thank you all. It’s been great working in the town. I’ve served in the town for almost eight years now and built some really great working relationships with the town council and especially the town warden.”

She added that she had also forged strong links with a number of community projects, such as the Bulwark Residents’ Association and the Furry Youth Cafe.

“I’ve really enjoyed serving the public of Helston as I’ve lived here all my life. I will miss working here but I do look forward to becoming a police officer and furthering my career,” she said.

Beth also paid tribute to her colleagues at the station, telling the Packet afterwards: “It’s been great working with them as well – they are brilliant people to work with.”

Mayor Jonathan Radford-Gaby told the pair: “Thank you very much indeed for all your service to this town. It’s been exemplary.”

Cornwall Councillor Andy Wallis also passed on his “sincere thanks” to both, and in particular Beth, who he said had been an important part of turning around the Bulwark Estate and helping residents “feel proud again.”

“Beth has gone up out of hours, on her own time, and I know, for me, I wouldn’t be able to do my job without the support of PCSOs helping people to feel safe, proud and enjoy the area again,” he said.