Thieves have ransacked the Porthleven home of a retired bank manager just weeks after his death.

The family of Cyril Robinson have been left devastated following the break-in in Peverell Terrace, which left the house completely turned over.

The burglars took large items such as the television and alcohol, together with smaller sentimental items of jewellery, including some belonging to the grandmother of 87-year-old Cyril who only died the week before Christmas.

Among the more unusual items stolen was an antique pistol that used to hang above his door.

The thieves proceeded to steal his Saab car, which was later found abandoned in a field on the outskirts of the village, in Green Lane.

It appeared unsuccessful attempts had been made to set it on fire, with some of the upholstery melted. All the items had gone.

Now his family are hoping to achieve justice for Cyril, who has been described as “one of the old boys” of the Atlantic Inn, where he was a familiar face and had appeared with other locals in the Harbour 2 Harbour charity photography book.

He had lived in his Porthleven for 20 years, having retired to the village, although this late wife’s family go back for generations.

His granddaughter Helena Peacock said: “You don’t think things like that happen. We are pretty devastated.

“He only died the week before Christmas. We’ve spent the last couple of months getting over it and then something like this happens.

“What makes it worse is they had obviously been in there sometime.”

The burglary took place overnight between 9pm on Sunday, February 23 and 7.30pm the following day.

Helena said those responsible had “overturned every single drawer” and gone through the house “with a fine toothcomb,” finding items that had been tucked away under blankets inside wardrobes.

They also appeared to have worn gloves, leading the family to suspect that the thieves knew what they were doing and were aware that the house would be empty.

The front door was kicked in, as was the garage door, while cabinets were broken into.

Helena appealed to anyone who might have information, or local antique shop workers who might have been offered the items for sale, to come forward and speak to police, adding: “There’s a good chance, giving the nature of Porthleven, that somebody knows something. It is a fairly shocking crime to happen in such a small, close-knit community.”

Police particularly want to speak to anyone who saw people acting suspiciously in the area of Peverell Terrace around that time or who saw people with the abandoned car.

Information can be passed to police by calling 101, ref AH/14/214.