A man with a heroin habit costing him up to £100 a day had told the police that goods he stole from Tesco would probably sell on for half their retail value, which was over £200.

He was Stuart Orme, aged 34, of no fixed address in Helston, who pleaded guilty at Truro's magistrates' court to stealing goods from Tesco, Helston, worth £234.99 on February 26.

Alison May, for the CPS, said he had stolen spirits, memory sticks, make-up and food, which he put into a foil-lined bag before leaving without paying. He was arrested because a store assistant had been suspicious of him and had followed him round the store and saw what he was doing.

Orme told the police: “I have been caught red-handed.”

He had 50p in his possession.

Orme had previous convictions.

His solicitor Fred Howell said he could not get an appointment with help until March 18 and there was no way he could survive on the street without having a script, other than by reoffending. He wanted to get himself clean again but could not get an appointment any earlier than that.

Orme was remanded in custody until March 18 when he will appear in court by video link.