The panicking owner of a Penryn parrot is pleading for his safe return.

African grey Floyd has now been missing from the Poltair area of the town since 2pm on Monday.

It was after Richard Williams opened the patio doors to air the house and Floyd unexpectedly flew off.

This is despite him never having flown away in the six years Richard has owned him, hand rearing him since he hatched. Normally Floyd even goes outside with him and remains in the garden.

Floyd is mainly grey, with a bright red tail and a copper ring on one of his ankles.

Richard said: “We imagine he will be looking for shelter in trees or raiding people’s gardens if they have bird seed out. We imagine he will be quite hungry now.”

He was seen later on Monday in Vernon Way, but flew off again before Richard could reach him.

“It’s devastating,” he said. “He’s very well trained and never left our shoulders before. We’re not really sure why he just upped and left.

“Everyone is missing him – we’re all absolutely distraught. He’s very, very tame.”

Anyone who spots Floyd can call Richard on 07841 114711.