A FISHERMAN’S attempt to woo back his ex-partner by sending her a romantic text while at sea backfired when he ended up in court.

Kevin Martin, 34, of no fixed abode, but previously of Avalon Close, Mylor Bridge was arrested on his return to shore for breaching a bail condition, not to contact Perdita Barnicoat, who lived there, after he had been convicted of assaulting her.

She called the police on receipt of the text and has now been told by Truro magistrates that Martin must not be in touch with the mother of his children except through a solicitor.

Martin, a share fisherman, previously living with Ms Barnicoat, admitted breaching bail and also assaulting her on February 3.

Alison May, for the CPS, said the couple had been in a relationship for about seven years and had three children together.

There had been difficulties and arguments, with police and social services involvement. On February 3 Martin went to Ms Barnicoat’s home in Mylor and was banging on the door which she had secured with a chain.

She told him to go away and not return until he was sober and tried to push him away. He grabbed her arm through the gap in the door and held it while pushing the door shut on it, squeezing it and giving her a bruise. She was terrified and called the police.

While awaiting the court hearing for this offence Martin was given bail with a condition not to contact her.

On February 21 he sent her a text message with a cross for a kiss, reading: “Look at the stars, count them, that is how much I love you”.

When Martin was questioned by the police he said he had not realised that texting would count as direct contact under his bail condition. He had previous convictions.

Martin Pearce, his solicitor, said on the occasion of the assault there had been a disagreement between the couple over his failure to complete the building of a rabbit hutch in the back garden.

He felt she was unreasonable in putting a security chain across the door and refusing him entry. Afterwards he was remorseful for what he had done to her.

Later he had been at sea in a Force 10 gale, feeling a little bit sad about things, and saw the stars and sent her a text message with a kiss.

He now accepted that their relationship was over.

Martin was fined £330 for the assault, with costs and surcharge of £118, and given a restraining order not to contact Ms Barnicoat except through a solicitor and not to go to her home. No action was taken on his bail breach.