A ramp to the beach could become a permanent fixture on Coverack’s seafront.

It has currently been installed on a temporary basis, while workmen try to fix the collapsing sea wall damaged in February’s storms.

A large chunk of the wall has been washed away, causing the railings and road above to fall on top of it.

It means the road at the north end of the village will be closed for at least two months.

However, the parish council is to apply for planning permission to keep it permanently, with member Bill Frisken suggesting: “Perhaps it’s useful for going down there again, and also perhaps for young families with pushchairs going to the beach.”

He proposed that in the same application the council also ask for outline planning permission for a tow along the seafront and a low wall around the Dolor car park.

Mr Frisken said that if the council got permission they would be able to carry out improvements over the coming years, without having to get the permission of Natural England – which is currently insisting the ramp must be removed once repairs have been finished.

“At the moment, Natural England is about as popular in Coverack as the Environment Agency is in Somerset,” he joked.

Drilling began last week in order for 18ft long steel bolts to be placed into the side of the wall, to strengthen it, before it is sprayed with concrete.

This should then make it safe enough for workers from Cormac to be able to carry out more permanent repairs underneath.