Three of Helston's empty shops have been filled by businesses, giving a boost to the town's economy.

Most recently, Lime Green Submarine opened in Meneage Street on Saturday, filling the shop left vacant when Premier Photographics closed down.

It has been opened by Paula Hendra, who used to own Inspirations in Wendron Street. There is a similar mix of gift items for sale, particularly concentrating on beauty products, toiletries and accessories.

Further up the street, Lily The Pink has relocated from The Parade to the old Verran's Butchers, which has subsequently been a clothes shop and briefly a second hand shop. The business has also rebranded, to the new name of Lillies, but continues to sell clothes and accessories as before.

However, it looks as though the shop it left will not remain empty for long, as a note on the window states that the next door second hand furniture business is looking to expand into it.

Finally, The Daisy Chain has opened at the top of Meneage Street, selling gifts and handmade items.