The view greeting motorists as they drive from Helston Cottage Hospital towards Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose’s main gate is changing.

A five-storey, early 1970s accommodation block, which has dominated the landscape for many years is being demolished.

The block was built in 1974 as part of a complete redevelopment of the station’s living site.

The building, which housed around 200 warrant officers, chiefs and petty officers, was built for a Navy of a different era and had come to the end of its life cycle. It has already been replaced by two smaller and more attractive buildings within the site and the land released will be partially landscaped and partially turned into long-needed car parking.

Phil Wheatley of the RNAS Culdrose development team said: “This demolition marks the penultimate phase of accommodation replacement within the station, although many other amenity, mess and office buildings built at the same time are due for replacement."

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