Children from three primary schools have worked together to create an art and nature-inspired trail which leads from Gyllyngdune Gardens to the town’s art gallery as part of the Falmouth Spring Festival.

Nine children from each of St Francis, King Charles and St Mary’s Schools in Falmouth spent a day at the gardens where they spent the morning dressing up as Victorian plant hunters and then got creative during the afternoon.

The collaboration between Gyllyngdune Gardens and Falmouth Art Gallery gave year six children the chance to meet students from other schools and make new friends ahead of them all coming together at Falmouth School later this year.

Their work was inspired by their surroundings at the gardens and also by the art gallery’s current exhibition, Artists of the First Falmouth Art Gallery. After exploring the gardens and planting some pots, the children moved indoors to make their own windmills and take part in a creative writing/storytelling workshop with Sally Crabtree where they made acetate leaves and wrote on them.

All the work produced will be on display, either at the gardens or in the foyer to the art gallery, during the spring festival and over the Easter holidays, creating the Gallery to Gyllyngdune Falmouth Art Trail.

The project is being run as part of the art gallery’s Cultural Triangle initiative which has received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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