It was a busy weekend for Falmouth's Coastguard Rescue Team with four shouts in three days, including three in four hours on Sunday.

On Friday at 3.45pm the coastguard was called to establish a landing site at Malpas for the Royal Navy search and rescue helicopter to transfer a casualty for the Isles of Scilly to an ambulance bound for the Royal Cornwall Hospital. THe helicopter landed in bad poor visibility at 4.30pm and the casualty was transferred to a waiting ambulance.

On Sunday at around 2.30pm the team were tasked to establish another landing site for helicp[ter R193 from Culdrose, transferring a casualty from St Keverne to the Royal Cornwall Hospital, but were stood down en route to Malpas.

An hour later Falmouth's team were assisted by Porthoustock search and rescue and a navy helicopter in rescuing two fishermen cut off by the tide at Mawnan Sheer.

After carrying cliff gear some half a mile from the nearest vehicle access, it was decided to use helicopter R193 to lift the two casualties from the cliff to the top before the coastguards warmed them up and gave them safety advice.

Then at around 6.30pm the team had their final shout for the day, setting up a landing site at Malpas for the navy helicopter to transfer a seriously ill patient from the Lizard to Treliske. Once landed the casualty was stretchered to the ambulance