Flambards Theme Park has launched a countywide search to find a foxy new addition to its team.

The Helston attraction is on the lookout for a very special new member of staff to take on the role of their famous costume character - Ferdi the Fox.

The legendary furry friend has welcomed tens of thousands of visitors to the theme park over the years, and now the hunt is on to try and find a new incarnation.

“Ferdi the Fox has one of the most important roles here at Flambards and it’s vital that we get the right person for the job,” said Flambards’ Richard Smith.

“Ferdi’s main tasks will be to feature in photos, meet and greet younger visitors and generally oversee the enjoyment of all our guests to Flambards, however it’s a demanding job and we need someone pretty special who’s willing to take on the challenge. He or she will need to be on hand to cheer and share in all the adventures.

“Given the sheer variety of the role the successful candidate will need to be a well-rounded individual with a passion for family entertainment and customer service. A love of wildlife and a keen sense of fun will also be useful,” he added.

Anyone interested in auditioning for the position should contact Flambards Theme Park direct on 01326 573 404 or email info@fambards.co.uk to request a job application.

Flambards will fully re-open to the public on Saturday, April 5.