So Falmouth is the fourth best place to live in Britain, according to a national newspaper, and while here at the Packet we think it is number one, we went out and about to to ask people living in Falmouth if they agreed.

Ayshe Augustine from Prisloe Fields and TJ Drake from Sea View Road, said Falmouth was a quirky and comfortable place to live: Ayshe: “I moved here from Penzance, it's cosmopolitan and easy going, and old or young it caters for both. That attracted me to the town, more so than other places in Cornwall.”

TJ: “It has a variety of shops. And the beaches are so close, but it's not just the beaches.”

Aysha: “People's attitudes are very different, much more open minded than other places.”

Hannah Wong, a student at Falmouth University, said: “It's quite quiet, it's nice living round here. It's not the busiest town but it has everything you need. I'd say fourth is a good place to be.”

Kathryn Hunter, who lives in Church Way, said: “I've not been here much over a year, but I think Falmouth's great, it seems to be good for all ages.

“The library is great. We have lost some buses recently, it seems the students get all the buses now.”

“Because it seems to be a [place for all ages, it's not like some seaside resorts that are dead in winter, it's open all year.”

Luca Seaman, who lives in Tregenna Road and is training at the Swamp Circus, said: “I moved down from London two and a half years ago and it's absolutely splendid, it's the place to be. The influx of students at the university makes it a bit more metropolitan, and people moving in and out keeps it fresh. It's friendly, people will stand around in the street talking about a friend who lives down the road. It's lovely, really great.”

His friend Chrissie added: “I was born in this town, and I think it should have been number one. Some of the places outside of the town, out towards Maenporth, are some of the best in the world. And the people are so nice and so giving.”

Linda Crane, an artist who moved to Falmouth from Penzance, said: “It seems a nice place, very vibrant, and it's a young place.

“There's always something happening, it's an amazing place. It's welcoming, people talk to you, if you start a conversation they talk back and it's very friendly. You can make friends easily.

“I lived in Penzance before and it's a bit weird, Falmouth is a bit more upmarket.”

Richard Atkinson is retired, and splits his time between Falmouth and Leicester, he said: “I agree with the paper. The weather here and the atmosphere, it just has something about it. It feels friendly and relaxed and you can get everything you want here. And you have the sea.”

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