Cory Environmental Trust is offering £135,000 in grants for community projects from April 1 under the Landfill Communities Fund. 

Since the Cory Environmental Trust in Carrick and Kerrier was established in 1998, it has made over £1.3m available to facilitate over 200 projects which include The Murdoch Flyer, a replica of the first steam powered vehicle produced in Cornwall in 1794, stained glass windows made from recycled bottles at St Day Church and Lanner Garden of reflection.

With the expansion of Cory Environmental‘s operations throughout the county, the trust will be renamed Cory Environmental Trust in Cornwall.

Paul Langford, trust chairman said: "Many local projects in the former Cornish Districts of Kerrier and Carrick have benefitted greatly from the trust's funding and the trustees look to continue that benefit throughout all eligible areas of Cornwall."

Applications are invited from community groups. For more information please visit or email the trust at