Porthleven’s harbourmaster has been handed the town’s highest honour in tribute to his “quick thinking actions and conduct” during the recent storms.

At the March meeting of Porthleven Town Council, the mayor and the council awarded Phil Ward with a town plaque.

It is very rare this honour is given for a single act, but the mayor and the council felt Phil Ward deserved to be awarded this plaque for his quick thinking actions and conduct during the recent storms that smashed into Porthleven.

Cornwall councillor Andrew Wallis said: “Without Phil’s quick decision to remove the boats from the harbour after the Baulks gave way from the relentless pressure of the sea, the devastation to the fishing boats and pleasure craft would have been far worse.

“Furthermore, Phil has been praised by the Town Council for the work carried out after the storms in sorting out the destruction left by this terrible period of weather. I would like to pay tribute to the men who work for Phil, who like the harbour master acted quickly to save so many boats.”