Divers from a company in Mabe have commemorated the sinking of the sailing barque Hera 100 years ago by placing a plaque at the wreck site near Nare Head.

The group from Atlantic Scuba dive centre were set to lay the memorial to the 19 souls who perished on February 1, the 100th anniversary, but were prevented by the winter storms.

Mark Milburn of Atlantic Scuba, who arranged the event with Father Doug Robins of Veryan Parish, said: “We had arranged to dive the wreck on the 100th anniversary of the sinking, when many dive boats were to be on site to pay their respects. The weather has been so bad, we have had to wait six weeks to get on site.”

He added: “With the recent storms it is easy to see why a sailing ship would have come to grief all those years ago.”