Helston town council has received a response from the government over concerns that a plan for the Helston Business Park site includes homes for the elderly.

In a letter to Helston’s town clerk, the Homes and Communities Agency acknowledge the concerns, |however point out that the plot “identified for Coastline” accounts for less than ten percent of the total site area. Adding that this “need not detract from the overall purpose of the wider development”, which is to “attract new business”.

The agency says that the housing had been |“deliberately sited on a plot in the south west corner of the site, which it enables it to be accessed and operated independently of the infrastructure installed to create the business park”.

It says a design could be created that would not allow this to impact on the prospects of the site as a business development and that there is a “pressing need for affordable housing for older people in Cornwall”.

Adding that any application will be subject to local consultation and planning approval and that the|housing has potential to create care and support jobs.

Colin Molton, the agency’s executive director for the South West said: “Helston Business Park has been undeveloped for too long. I hope this agreement signals a new beginning for its fortunes and that the site soon starts to generate some genuine local benefits that you have wanted to see for many years.”