Pupils from St Michael’s primary in Helston took a trip around the world last week as they put on a play to celebrate coming to end of their school topic.

The performance, ‘Traditional Tales From Around The World’ brought together the main stories that the two Year 1 classes had been studying.

The script, written by the |teachers incorporated Little Red Riding Hood, Tiddalik, an Australian story; Anansi and the Turtle, an African story and the Lion Dance, a Chinese New Year story.

The play was a good opportunity for the childrens parents and family to come together to see what the year had been learning.

The children got to use a range of talents, not just their acting skills as they made and decorated gingerbread men to sell after the play. There art and craft work was featured in the play which included sock and shadow |puppets.

Both Year 1 class teachers, Joanne Le Good and Suzanne Bray, were incredibly pleased with how well both the morning and afternoon performances went.

They said: “The children all learnt their lines and the words to the songs, performing their parts superbly.

“It was clear to see they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, smiling and putting their all into their roles. The children fully understood the stories, as these were all learnt during Literacy and topic lessons.”

Both teachers would like to thank their class Teaching Assistants for putting in a great deal of time and effort in to work with children to create props and scenery, and the parents for |providing their child’s costume as well as helping them to learn their lines.

Both shows were well supported by the children’s families and the school has received many positive comments back from them.

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