A new “owner” has come forward to stake a claim on a Helston walkway that is falling into increasing disrepair.

Peacocks Lane, running from the bottom car park to Coinagehall Street, has been the topic of conversation at council meetings for months, over its pot holes and general poor state.

It was also named as the walking route most needing improvement in a recent questionnaire of residents.

Yet despite extensive enquiries town regeneration officer Martin Searle has been unable to trace the lane’s owner to carry out repairs.

In a dramatic turn of events last Thursday, however, town councillor John Martin stood up at a full meeting of the council and stated: “I would like to claim ownership at Peacocks Lane in order for you to continue.”

He challenged anyone else to contest that claim and come forward.

Falmouth Packet:

It was after Mr Searle said he had received legal advice to warn against the council resurfacing it as it would be without the owner’s consent and could amount to the council taking on a duty of care. This could potentially leave it open to being sued.

He described the news as “disappointing although not altogether unexpected.”

However, as a result of Mr Martin’s claims councillor Mark Upton proposed the council wrote to “the owner” to ask for permission to resurface the lane.

Mayor Jonathan Radford-Gaby “urged caution,” despite appreciating the sentiment behind it, and councillors Martine Knight, Mark Upton and Ronnie Williams were the only members in favour of this, with Mr Martin abstaining from the vote.