RESIDENTS campaigning to have a field at Bosvale in Falmouth designated as a village green and so scupper plans to build flats for the elderly on the site, are appealing for supporters to donate to a fighting fund.

Kathryn Philpott, who has applied to Cornwall Council for the area to become a village green, is now hoping that people living across the Boslowick estate will give money to enable a solicitor and barrister to be employed.

“The application is going through the system, but the small print on the lease for the Bosvale Centre is a little bit ambiguous so we need somebody now to represent us,” said Kathryn. “We need to make comments on the objections (to the application) by April 10 so we need to see money coming in so we can move forward.”

Residents have the support of the town council and local councillors Alan Jewell and Trish Minson in particular. They are desperate to see the green space retained.

Councillor Minson said: “I have used this field every day since I moved onto the estate 40 years ago. It is the only bit of green space around here where there is no traffic so children can run free with no danger of them running out into the road.”

Residents are keen to stress that they are not opposed to all development, but feel concreting over the playing field is a step too far. “We are being built all around us and we are not against that, but we need some space in the future for our children to play on,” said Kathryn.

Anyone wishing to give to the fighting fund can do so at Boslowick Garage where staff will accept donations, but will ask for the name and address of the supporter and for them to put their signature to the amount given. If, at the end of the day, the money is not used, it will be given back.

Kathryn is keen to stress the urgency of the appeal. “It would be nice to see the money by the end of the month so we know we have the money to carry this forward,” she said.