A Falmouth woman is hoping someone will come to her rescue and offer her the use of some land to house her 30 chickens and ducks which are being evicted from their current home this weekend.

The roosters and hens, which are all show breeds, are not just Nicola Congdon’s pets as she sells all the eggs they lay to raise money for the Project Primrose charity which supports an orphanage in South Africa. She also breeds them and sells their offspring for the same cause.

The birds currently have a home at Treliever, but Nicola has been told by the landowner that she has to be off the land by the end of the month and despite her best efforts, she has been unable to find an alternative home for them.

“I’m just looking for a small piece of scrub land and I don’t mind if I have to clear it myself,” said Nicola.

“Ideally it will be within ten miles of Falmouth as I have to tend to the birds twice a day and go to college at Newquay. If I don’t find somewhere I will probably have to reduce the number (of birds) down and maybe see if I can put them in someone’s garden for a while.”

The 30 chickens, four ducks and one turkey live in an assortment of coups contained within a fox proof compound which measures 15 metres by four metres.

Nicola sells about £80 worth of eggs a month which is enough to feed just under 200 children at the orphanage, which Nicola has been supporting and visiting for the past seven years.

Anyone who has some spare land they would be willing to rent to Nicola should call her on 0788 0526548 or email her at