Two train staff travelling between Truro and Falmouth Docks were threatened and made to feel unsafe by the behaviour of a 20-year-old passenger who did not have a ticket.

He had told the conductor, Tracey Croucher, when she asked for the ticket: “Shut up, or I'll punch you” when he said he did not have one.

At Truro's magistrates' court Alex Burgoyne, of Webber Hill Flats, Falmouth, pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour on March 6 and also to a bail offence.

Alison May for the CPS said Ms Croucher told Burgoyne to get off the train at Perranwell because of his attitude and when the train stopped there the driver joined her after she told him what was happening.

On the platform Burgoyne moved towards them both, making a gesture as if he was ready for a fight.

Ms May said the pair felt threatened and the driver was extremely concerned for the safety of his colleague.

When Burgoyne was seen by police officers he said he had drunk a large quantity of alcohol and might have become annoyed when he realised he did not have a ticket. Because of how much he drank he could not remember what had happened. He had previous convictions.

His solicitor Dieter Kehler said his client's problem was one of drink. When he got money he drank. He was not able to find a direction in his life at the moment. He was constantly in and out of prison and if the cycle was not broken it would continue indefinitely.

Burgoyne was given a six week prison sentence suspended for a year and told to pay a victim surcharge of £80.