It is often joked that celebrities will attend the opening of an envelope to get press coverage and although Falmouth’s mayor Geoffrey Evans’ first public appearance on Thursday had nothing to do with stationery, he had accepted a rather unusual invitation.

Jenny Hoban had asked Mr Evans to officially open her new garden gate and to add to the celebratory atmosphere, she had invited some neighbours, her builder and her postman along and broke out the Champagne and hot cross buns.

Builder Mel Wright had installed the gates as part of a programme of works at Mrs Hoban’s home in Grovehill Drive. She had been determined to make life easier for her postman, Chris Ridgeon, who had gone out of his way to deliver her mail.

“Chris often found it hard to reach the front door,” said Mrs Hoban. “This was due to the modernisation of my property and materials either being delivered or collected blocking the pathway to the door. Now at last, Chris is able to use a gate and pathway to the letterbox.

“I thought it deserved a special official opening by the mayor. Attending the opening ceremony were some of the professionals, patient neighbours and friends who have helped to make my house a home.”

Although on the face of it, the event may appear totally un-newsworthy, there was in fact a serious side to it. Mr Evans announced he wanted to use it to kick-start a campaign to get gates installed at Fox Rosehill Gardens so they can be closed to the public at night.

This follows spates of vandalism which have seen many of the rare plants inside the gardens in Melvill Road damaged under the hours of darkness. Mrs Hoban has been keeping the mayor informed of the antics of those responsible.

Mr Evans said at the gate opening: “I am going to make it a project as a county councillor and start a campaign to get gates at Fox Rosehill Gardens so we can lock them at night and protect the plants.”