Almost a year after being suspended, Falmouth police sergeant Gary Watts has been fired for gross misconduct.

Mystery still surrounds what has led his dismissal as his superiors refused to reveal details of his misdemeanours despite being pressed by The Packet late this afternoon.

A statement released by Devon and Cornwall Police at 5pm said: “Sergeant Gary Watts was suspended by the force in May 2013. He appeared before a disciplinary hearing on 31 March and faced allegations of gross misconduct.

“The allegations were found to be proven and Sgt Watts has been dismissed from the force with immediate effect for gross misconduct. No criminal charges have been brought against him.”

In addition, Deputy Chief Constable Bill Skelly said: “We expect high standards from our officers and any officer who is thought to have breached these standards can be subject to disciplinary enquiries which can ultimately lead to dismissal.

“It is important that members of the public have confidence in the officers and staff who serve their communities and behaviour standards are extremely important in maintaining that confidence.”

Sgt Watts had been a high profile neighbourhood beat sergeant in both Falmouth and Helston, but his fame spread across the country after he organised a successful charity video that parodied Psy's international hit Gangnam Style.

The ex-RAF man was the brainchild behind the video, which made him an internet sensation. In it he starred alongside other officers and PCSOs from Falmouth police station, raising money for Lancashire lad, Joshua Wilson who was left with severe disabilities following an operation on a brain tumour.

Even before that, Sgt Watts, who described himself as a lone Buddhist who set up the Buddhist Police Support Network, had made a name for himself in the local community, working with residents' associations and trade organisations. He was also behind such initiatives as the Falmouth Safe Space scheme and the Taxi Marshals.

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