While mystery surrounds the reasons for the 'gross misconduct' sacking of former Falmouth police sergeant Gary Watts, he has called it "complete b******s"

No information has been released by the force for the reasons behind the sacking, saying only that, "no criminal charges have been brought against him".

Hitting out after he was sacked, Mr Watts said on Twitter: “They can't even get a press release right. It wasn't Monday and I wasn't there. But then again they promised (in writing) not to put one out."

Mr Watts added: "It's b*******s." And that he had moved on "when when I realised what their agenda was in July".

A statement released by Devon and Cornwall Police at 5pm yesterday said: “Sergeant Gary Watts was suspended by the force in May 2013. He appeared before a disciplinary hearing on 31 March and faced allegations of gross misconduct.

“The allegations were found to be proven and Sgt Watts has been dismissed from the force with immediate effect for gross misconduct. No criminal charges have been brought against him.”

In addition, Deputy Chief Constable Bill Skelly said: “We expect high standards from our officers and any officer who is thought to have breached these standards can be subject to disciplinary enquiries which can ultimately lead to dismissal.

Sergeant Watts, a former member of the RAF, hit the national headlines after he dreamt up and starred in a charity parody of the video for the song Gangnam Style.

The “Gangnam Policeman” video was viewed more than 100,000 times on YouTube and raised thousands of pounds to help a young boy from Lancashire with severe disabilities following an operation on a brain tumour.

There was never a suggestion that Sergeant Watts’ suspension related to his charity work

Supporters on social media have reached out to offer support, with one saying, "a shining example of community policing at its best. A real loss for Falmouth."

Another added: "Sound familiar - seems being good at your job and popular with the public isn't a quality valued in the police."