KING Charles School in Falmouth continues to make good progress as staff, pupils, parents and governors address the issues which resulted in it being placed in special measures last summer.

Since the original Ofsted inspection, Claire Fortey has been placed in charge as interim head teacher and has won the support of all those around her.

The school team has worked “tirelessly” to address all the issues raised, making “huge progress” in all aspects of school life.

Government inspectors were back for the second monitoring inspection last month when they described King Charles as “the most rapidly improved school” they had ever seen.

As the inspectors’ publish their latest report, Mrs Fortey said: “We are very proud to have the excellent training and learning at King Charles recognised in this way.

“The inspection was very rigorous, exploring all aspects of school life and leaving no stone unturned.

“The improvements since last year have been significant and I am delighted for the community of King Charles that the tide has turned. These improvements have been made possible because of our professional, dedicated and highly effective team which is committed to ensuring our children have the best experiences possible.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the pupils, staff, governors and parents for all their continued hard work and support through a challenging year – we are looking forward to a very successful future.”

The latest report highlights many of the improvements made at the school. Inspector Richard Light says: “At the end of the last academic year the attainment of pupils in year six was in line with the national average. However, their progress fell well below what is normally expected.

“Since that time, the rate of progress of all groups of pupils has increased markedly and continues to escalate. Consequently, standards are rising across the school in reading, writing and mathematics.”

He adds: “Steps taken to improve teaching through effective modelling of best practice by the headteacher and senior leaders are proving highly successful. Almost all teaching seen on inspection was good and some was outstanding.

“Pupils’ attitudes to learning have improved dramatically. Pupils recognise the changed ethos within the school.

“Throughout the school pupils exhibit well-developed personal qualities and attributes; they are polite and courteous to each other and visitors.

“The determined approach to improve the quality of education, aspired to by the headteacher for all in the school community, has touched every aspect of the school’s work.

“Her commitment and dedication to bringing about the necessary improvements to the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievement are raising the performance of all rapidly.

“Senior leaders and staff have been inspired and responded to the additional challenge and expectation in a united front, with willingness and enthusiasm. Senior and middle leaders are now playing an increasingly important role in driving improvements.

“The school action plan is the key vehicle for steering an accurate course for improvement.

“It articulates a high level of expectation and accountability and combines this well with effective support for staff and guidance for pupils.

“Governors are highly committed and determined for the school to succeed. The governing body is now well placed to make informed decisions about the school’s future.”