Falmouth’s all-weather Lifeboat was recently hauled out, washed and re-launched for free by Falmouth Boat Construction (FBC) after it sustained damage while going to the rescue of a sinking coaster last month.

Shipwrights at FBC repaired the starboard side toe rail and handrail of the Severn Class Richard Cox Scott within a day. The lifeboat arrived at the boat yard at dawn and by dusk she had been pressure washed and re-launched before being returned to service.

Mark Pollard, the Falmouth Lifeboat coxswain, was grateful for the support of the local boatyard. “It can be an expensive business hauling a Severn Class Lifeboat out of the water and there are three around Cornwall that have to be taken out every six months for a check-up,” he said.

“To have the generous help of Falmouth Boat Construction, who hauled the Falmouth Lifeboat out for us as a gesture of support, means a lot when it comes to cost saving. Funds that would have had to be used can now be used elsewhere to support the fleet.”

Jonathan Fielding, the owner of FBC, said: “FBC’s boatyard has worked with the RNLI for over 75 years and we especially enjoy working with the local lifeboats, stations and crews as the majority of our RNLI work is on boats stationed out of county.

“It’s always a challenge to make the fastest possible turnaround.  We return the lifeboat to station as soon as possible and so minimize disruption to service.  It’s a pleasure to support the RNLI in their mission to save lives in the best way we can.”

FBC repaired three other lifeboats last month in short time scales after they were damaged as a result of rescues taking place in the violent storms.