THE accuracy of plans put before the town council with regard to a potential land-swap, which would secure full public access to Greenbank Gardens in Falmouth, has been called into question.

Cornwall Council and the Greenbank Hotel look to have avoided court action by agreeing to a land-swap, which would resolve a five year battle which began when the council failed to renew its lease on an area of land which provides vehicular access to the site.

Falmouth Town Council gave its full support to the proposed deal when officers from the county council outlined the deal to them last month, but they came in for criticism from nearby resident David Culling, who lives opposite, this week.

At the council’s monthly surgery, he said: “I would suggest none of you looked at this properly, none of you looked at it intelligently and none of you voted on it responsibly.

“If the (Cornwall) council ratifies this in its present form, it is going to be giving unnecessary land away which is in ownership of the public.”

David and Sarah Culling have met with Cornwall Council solicitor Sancho Brett and outlined their concerns and have suggested an alternative solution, but the town council is standing by its resolution to support the land-swap.

Town clerk, Mark Williams, said: “The town council has voted in principle to secure a step-free access to the gardens. The advice from Cornwall Council is that this is the best way to do that.

“We do not revisit decisions within six months unless there is a question over accuracy. We need Cornwall Council to come back to us and say what they presented to us was not right.”