THE Beacon Community Regeneration Partnership, which was established almost 20 years ago to breathe new life into several deprived areas of Falmouth, has been re-branded and is about to be re-launched.

A new sign, featuring a drawing by local artist Nanette Newman, now adorns the Resource Centre at the top of Old Hill, and 3,000 copies of a new information booklet will be available by Easter and delivered to homes across the Penwerris ward.

Project coordinator for the partnership, Grenville Chappel, who is also town councillor for the area, said the re-launch is necessary because, 18 years on, many local residents are no longer aware what it does.

“When we started in 1997, everyone on the estate knew what we were, why we were here and what we did,” he said.

There are now so many new people on the estate that some people think we are a council office, some people think we sell insurance and others think we are religious.

“Eighteen-years-ago we Beacon Regeneration and we were there to regenerate the estate – that work is ongoing, but is just about complete now.

“We are working to empower the tenants, listening to their views and providing services which are available in Falmouth, but we bring them onto the estate which is particularly useful now with the reduction of opening hours of the CAB and the One Stop Shop.”

The new 24-page booklet will feature an introduction from BCRP chairman, June Chappel, and contributions from the Penwerris Tenants and Residents Association, Old Hill Community Association, Lambs Lane and Ashfield Members’ Association and the former OATTRA now the 5Ts – Tregullow, Trevaylor, Trelissick, Trevarth and Trevithick.

There is also input from the police, Falmouth Primary Academy, Cornwall Council, Cornwall Housing and a welfare and benefits’ advice page from former CAB manager, Jenny Richards, along with useful contact numbers.