Locals near Portreath will have been bewildered by sightings of a Rhino at the Gwel an Mor resort.

Guests and staff were certainly intrigued by a recent large delivery, and all staff knew was that owner Bill Haslam had rescued a new resident for Feadon Farm.

The farm already plays host to numerous animals including reindeers, tame foxes and a rather bossy rook called Rodney. 

When the large crate arrived experienced wildlife rangers Alyson and Gary Zammit were on hand to welcome the new arrival, and what a shock they got!

Gary said: “I thought I was getting some adders. Then we unpacked a rhino. It certainly livened up our Friday.”

The new Gwel an Mor rhino is already getting quite a few double takes from local residents and those walking the footpath through the site. 

Gary added:  “No one should be alarmed, he’s really quite friendly.”