Youngsters on the Helston Phoenix Project are awash with ideas about how to raise funds – including holding a car wash on Monday.

It took place at Helston Fire Station between 9am and noon, when they washed passersby’s cars in return for a donation.

The aim was to raise money towards buying a piece of equipment for Heart Start Helston Phoenix Project – specifically a choke vest.

This is an invaluable piece of training equipment that will allow the students to actively practice the life saving Heimlich manoeuvre.

Overall, they were able to raise an impressive £56, and project coordinator Karen Harvey said: “Even though the weather was slightly inclement, everybody did really well.”

Karen Harvey leads fundraising events in order to provide activities to the youth of Helston and the wider area free of charge, as it is voluntarily run.

The project has received three grants in the last four months to run a course that involves a series of activities for selected students at Helston Community College, during term time and also the school holidays.

All of its activities are designed to promote community spirit and a healthy lifestyle, with participants’ self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills boosted through team building activities.

The Helston Phoenix Project runs under the remit of Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service, in partnership with Active Plus, a charity that sees veterans share their skills and experiences with youngsters.

For more information about courses visit or contact project coordinator Karen Harvey on