A car owner had a lucky escape on Monday after a suspected fire at a fuel station forecourt.

Appliances from Redruth, Camborne and Truro were called out to the reported car fire just after 3pm as it was reported at a petrol station.

Speaking to the Packet, the owner said: "The car's exhaust was bellowing out smoke after I had put petrol in the car and I had gone in to pay for the fuel.

We think the head gasset had gone and suddenly smoke began to bellow out of the exhaust.

"My little girl of six was in the car I had to run out of the shop and get her out of the car.

"The staff hit the Emergency button and evacuated the forecout as it was a very dangerous situation as athis piont we didnt know if the car was on fire.

"By the time the Emergency services arrived the smoke had subsided. My car, a Mazda Bongo, is a right off."