Two men who went into Falmouth one evening armed with lengths of wood to defend themselves in case of trouble were sent to prison for eight weeks at Truro Magistrates’ Court, after pleading guilty to carrying offensive weapons in a public place.

Their solicitor Paul Simons told the magistrates that both men were being sought by other people in Falmouth. “There are a few tensions in Falmouth at the moment,” he added.

Before the court were Dale Andrew Ryan Carter, 19, and Michael Sean Watkins, 26, both living at an address in Grenville Road, Falmouth.

Gail Hawkley, for the CPS, said police had gone to Falmouth after reports that someone had been seen hitting cars. Descriptions were put out and a CCTV operator suggested the two defendants as a match.

Police officers found them, apparently drunk, and acting evasively. Carter produced a wooden pole from inside a sleeve and Watkins said he had a piece of wood down his trousers.

Watkins told the officers he had recently been having problems and was carrying the wood to defend himself if the need arose.

Carter said he had had a bit of trouble earlier and would have used the wood if someone had jumped him.

Both men had previous convictions.

Mr Simons said some evidence of the trouble the men were facing were the two black eyes, which Carter was showing that day in court.