With councillors hoping that the ramps to Coverack beach might become a permanent fixture, one Packet reader has sent this photo showing such a move would be nothing new.

Andrew Wootten-Williams lives in London but has been holidaying in Coverack since he was just six weeks old.

Now aged 53 he continues to return to the area, staying at the Bay Hotel only last month.

His old picture of Coverack, taken in around the 1900s, clearly shows ramps down to the beach before the steps were built - much as it stands today, thanks to ongoing repairs to the sea wall.

History is currently repeating itself, as workmen have been forced to create ramps to get equipment down onto the beach, in order to repair the hole in the wall created by storms in January.

Currently installed on a temporary basis, St Keverne parish councillors are applying for planning permission to keep it permanently, suggesting it could be useful for further works or young families with pushchairs.

Member Bill Frisken said improvements over the coming years could then be carried out without having to get the permission of Natural England - which is currently insisting the ramp must be removed once repairs have been finished.

In a letter accompanying the photo, Mr Wootten-Williams said: “Perhaps someone should show this to Natural England.”