The people of Falmouth are accustomed to seeing strange sights, particularly after dark when pub crawls in fancy dress are common, but shoppers should be prepared for something very odd on Saturday – and in broad daylight.

A team of male dog lovers will gather on The Moor to take part in Kez’s Killer Heels Challenge, which, as the title suggests, will involve the men teetering through the main streets in high heel shoes.

Kez (Kerrin) Hollywood, Dave Kellow, Luke Blakemore, Nathan Jolly and Darren Johns are, as I type, encouraging friends and family to sponsor them as they attempt to raise as much money as possible for Bissoe-based K9 Crusaders, where they all volunteer.

The group will meet on The Moor at 1pm and will then make their way through town as far as Trago Mills where they will turn around and walk back to where they started.

As if the lads wearing high heels wasn’t spectacle enough, they will also be dressed in a way designed to show off their “killer heels.” Their dress code for the day is “top half - collar and tie, suit jacket, smart turnout. Bottom half - tights or stockings, shorts or a skirt.”

The lads will be accompanied on the walk by a medley of music, including Little Green Bag from Reservoir Dogs.

So, if you fancy seeing the lads as you’ve never seen them before, presumably, get down to The Moor for 1pm on Saturday and why not support their efforts by sponsoring one or all of them. To do this visit

All I can say is good luck to them all and I hope they all have their ankles intact by the end of the afternoon after negotiating Falmouth’s cobbles in heels!