A boat has sunk in a huge "ball of fire" off Mylor Harbour. Watch the video and see the pictures here.

Fifteen firefighters on two engines from Falmouth and a fire service boat were sent to tackle the blaze, just after 7pm Saturday.

No less than 13 repeat 999 calls were made to the fire service, reporting that the 20 foot boat was ablaze on its mooring, 150 metres from the shore out in the creek. 

An RNLI spokesman said: "At 7:27 pm the coastguard requested the launch of both Falmouth’s RNLI lifeboats following the report of a motor boat on fire in Mylor harbour. It could not be confirmed that anyone was onboard the boat consequently the lifeboats were tasked to search for people in the water nearby.

"At 7:32 pm the inshore lifeboat was on its way to the scene, followed a couple of minutes later by the all-weather lifeboat. The fire brigade and the coastguard cliff rescue team were also tasked to attend the incident.

"Both boats headed up the Carrick Roads toward Mylor, the inshore boat arriving on scene at 7:37, followed nine minutes later by the all-weather lifeboat. The 20foot motor boat Tomboy was found on a swinging mooring approximately 100 meters north of the outer pontoon of the marina. A search of the surrounding area and of nearby boats eventually confirmed that there had been no-one onboard the motor boat Tomboy. 

"Meanwhile the fire brigade, in their fire fighting RIB Transco Phoenix, were attempting to extinguish the fire with help from the Mylor marina launch, both carrying portable fire pumps but having to take great care as it was not known if the Tomboy had gas cylinders onboard. The lifeboats provided safety cover and four people had to be taken off a yacht in the vicinity because they found themselves downwind of the smoke and fumes.

"Eventually, having burnt down to the waterline, the Tomboy sank at her mooring at six minutes past eight. Shortly afterward the coastguard released the lifeboats and they returned to base, refuelling, washing down and reporting ready for service again by 8:45 pm.

"People on shore had reported seeing smoke coming from under the canopy of the motor boat but by the time the lifeboats had been tasked and got to the scene she was well alight, so the effort was then to ensure that there were no casualties in the water, in the vicinity.

The crew of the all-weather lifeboat were: Mark Pollard (Coxswain); Andy Jenkin; Luke Wills; Dave Nicoll; Derren Plaister; Jack Chuter; and Sam Hall.
 Manning the inshore lifeboat were: Jonathan Hackwell (Helmsman); Nick Head and Tom Telford.

One waitress in nearby Castaways restaurant described it as "a ball of fire" in the creek.

These pictures were taken by staff from Westcountry Watersports on their way back from a paddleboard trip on the water.

Posting on their Facebook page they said: "Paul and I were on are way back to Mylor Yacht Harbour, from the Pandora Inn on our SUP's when were sadly greeted by this event unfolding in front of us. "

Didn't won't to get to close encase of explosions. These pictures were taken over no more then five minutes you can see how quickly the flames engulf the boat.

Six firefighters took to the water in the fire service boat, with a further five taken to the scene on a marina launch.

Crews used a main jet on the flames, but due to the severity of the fire the boat sank while firefighters were still tackling the blaze.

The owner of the boat contacted the fire service to confirm there was no one on board.

The boat eventually sank on its mooring.

Pictures: Westcountry Watersports

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