While Cornwall Council has "vowed" to retain as many rural bus services as it can, more cuts could be on the way.

The authority says it has "reached a decision on the recent round of tenders for supporting local bus services across Cornwall", adding that "despite facing pressure on many of its budgets, has vowed to retain as many as possible".

Although the formal notification of award of the numerous contracts will not be sent to the bus service providers until next week, the Council says it is confident that the outcome will be "positively received" by service users and providers.

Bert Biscoe, the council’s cabinet member for transport and waste, said: “Costs have risen significantly but we are determined to retain a rural bus network across Cornwall. We know that bus services provide a lifeline for many communities and we want, as I’m sure our bus passengers do, to bring stability to the bus network.”

 “Despite these additional costs we are determined to maintain the bus network” added Bert Biscoe. “The Council hopes that bus companies will work with us to create a sustainable public transport network for Cornwall.”

The cost of transport is rising so the Council will need to keep the network under review. Councillor Biscoe said, “The Council cannot continue to fund services that are not used and the message to all has to be ‘use it or lose it’.

The council adds it has listened to comments from bus users and town and parish councils and has designed a network which "better utilises buses" to enable the council to support "a similar level of service to that currently enjoyed".